Chris Bartos is a web developer and aspiring business owner. He was the author of a Python / Django blog that was hosted as ChrisBartos.com but has recently retired that to actually write about things in his life that is important to him.

This blog is will be about all the things that I’m interested in. Business, Homebrewing, Programming, and whatever else on my mind.

Email me at me@chrisbartos.com if you like what you read and want to learn more…

Here are some of the things that I can help you do:

  1. Market Research I’ve taken ASK Method Masterclass. I know how to build a Deep Dive Survey to help you figure out what your audience wants, the language that they use how to segment your audience to serve them in a deeper way. I can also use the results of that survey to build out funnels for businesses and people that want to start their own business. I’ve also taken the course 30x500 and have use Sales Safari to lurk online to figure out the general pain points of an audience so you can figure out what your audience wants, needs and what they are willing to buy from you.

  2. Web Development I’m a web developer so I know how to build web applications from scratch. I use Django and Ruby on Rails. Don’t confuse “web development” for “web design”. I’m not able to design your site from scratch…

  3. Beer Home Brewing I brew my own beer and I can help others with the process. I can help you pick the right recipe, get the best equipment and actually teach the process to you.

Let me know if any of those things interest you. Please email me at me@chrisbartos.com