“Token Authentication is too complicated. Please Help!”

You’re trying to implement REST Framework Token based Authentication but it is too complicated.

Token Authentication with Django REST Framework just seems too complicated to implement and use. You think, maybe you’ll just go and read the docs but you’re not really sure what the hell they are talking about!

"Why do I keep getting a 403: Forbidden error?"

Maybe you get lucky and Token Authentication is sort of setup correctly but your not sure how to actually use it. You try to POST to your login endpoint with a username and password, but afterwards every request gives you back a 403: Forbidden error. Coming from an understanding of Django, you think, “I obviously need to get a CSRF Token for my POST request. THAT will fix it!”

How confident are you that it will actually fix the problem? HINT: It won't!

How to get Token Authentication to work with Frontend MVC Framework like Angular?

Trying to use Token Authentication to create a Single-Page Application creates another bag of issues. You’re not sure how to use Angular to create headers or cookies. Then, even when you figure out how to alter your request headers, if you are trying to use your API on a different domain, you still need to figure out how to get past Same-Origin Problems!

There are so many moving parts just to get Token Authentication working with Django REST Framework. This can’t be this complicated, can it?

You know Token Authentication MUST be simple to implement but you’re still not confident that you’ll be able to understand any of it!

What if Token Authentication was a SNAP to implement?

What if Token Authentication was a SNAP to implement. You could sit down to work on your application and Token Authentication would be perfectly implemented every time!

You can use your API from ANYWHERE!

When you create your API you’ll want to use it from any external application: mobile app, separate web application, even a desktop app. Using your API will be a BREEZE to get working from literally ANYWHERE.

Master Authentication using Angular 2.0

What if you could get Token Authentication working with Angular in no time. You’ll know how much a PIECE OF CAKE it is to create a Single-Page Application using Token Authentication. The best part is, you’ll be able to do it TODAY!

Of course, Token Authentication can feel a little intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be!

There is light at the end of the long and tortuous tunnel

Learn how to Implement Token Authentication in a snap with my ebook.

  • Setup Django to use Token Authentication.
  • Create Tokens for your current users.
  • Secure your Application so that your users will feel safe to login.
  • Eliminate Same-Origin errors.
  • Forget about 403 Forbidden Exceptions!
  • Use Angular 2.0 to authenticate users in your own Single Page Application!

You’ll gain the confidence to successfully implement Token Authentication.

You’ll learn exactly what you need to do to feel like you’ve mastered Token Authentication with Django REST Framework once and for all.

Simply open up your text editor and buy my ebook and you’ll have Token Authentication working perfectly in no time!

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