Everything on this website and all other websites I currently maintain:

  1. chrisbartos.com
  2. codewithtoph.com
  3. copywritercorner.com

All have examples of the following types of content:

  1. Sales Pages
  2. Emails / Newsletters
  3. Blog Posts

These are all examples of the types of things that I can provide to you as a copywriter.

But, if you want examples of copywriting for topics that I am not entirely proficient in:

Here is one entire campaign that I put together for a Copywriting Course (affiliate link) I recently took. Using all the tips and tricks I put together this campaign to get people to buy into my new “dog treat.”

Puptastic Naturals

The following copywriting examples include:

  1. Blog Post: gets the reader to download a “free guide” to show you how you can tell if you need to boost your dogs health for the best outcomes.
  2. Online Ad: Talking about how natural dog treats to make sure your dog will be healthy instead of spending a lot of money in vet fees.
  3. Landing Page: This landing page converts cold or warm traffic into putting their email address to get a free guide to help your dog get their health back. (Huge promise!)
  4. Email: Once the person put their email address in to get the free guide, they will get an email or multiple emails that get them to accept a free trial for this dog treat with the big promise of making your dog more healthy.

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