You're a newbie and you're making a HUGE mistake

Awesome! You made it! You’re here because you don’t want to do the same mistakes that every other newbie makes.

The first step to becoming a real developer and not just a newbie, is by understanding the mistake that you’re going to make and then prevent it from happening! And, almost every newbie commits this mistake until they actually decide to humble themselves with the process of learning.

Don’t try to learn Django until AFTER you finish this blog post. Why? Because you WILL not commit the mortal sin of Django newb.

Here are some Real Newbie Mistakes

“Hey! This is my first Django app. I added some tables to my database but I don’t know how to query the database in Django!”


“Hey! This is my first Django app. How do I deploy my app to production environment with ‘runserver’?”


“Hey! This is my first Django app. I made some models but it’s not creating the tables in my database!!”

Do any of these look familiar? These are real life newbie mistakes that you could prevent by doing ONE SIMPLE THING.

What is that one simple thing? Why does this matter?

You might enjoy playing around with Django but if you’re willing to play around with Django without understanding how it works, you’re in for a very excrutiatingly steep hill to climb.

Why you don’t have to make the same Mistakes

It’s not your fault. You followed the quickstart guide. You opened up your project and snooped around. You updated the index page and maybe the base template and you got your view setup how you like it.

You’re just scratching the service! You barely know anything yet. What is the best way to go from complete newbie to competent Django developer?

Do the Damn Tutorial!

You need to do the Tutorial! Please, just do the damn tutorial!

So, here’s your challenge.

  1. Click the tutorial link above
  2. Finish the tutorial and work through it. (ACTUALLY WORK THROUGH IT!)
  3. Come back to this page and comment about your favorite part of the tutorial in the comment box.

That’s it! Do the tutorial. Let me know what you like about it. It’s simple and it is the quickest way to get up to speed with all things Django.