Why You Shouldn't be a Generalist

I recently finished AWAI’s Copywriter Method Course.

Now, I’m looking into figuring what type of copywriter I want to become.

And actually, what type of niche I want to go into. A lot of new copywriters seem to just want to find as much work as they can but is that the best way to start?

Here are the some of the reasons why finding your niche is better than being a copywriting “generalist”.

You stand out from the crowd

When you find your small niche, you get to approach the clients that you want to work with. You get to say,

“I’m a copywriter for the renewable energy industry and I can help you with your emails and your website copy”.

Clients love this because as a copywriter for one specific industry, you probably have enough domain knowledge of the industry to do a really good job for your prospects.

Also, when a client yells in the ether (Fiverr.com),

“hey! I need a copywriter for my website”

… and they get thousands of replies from generalists, it’s difficult for them to decide who to go with. If you were a copywriter for a specfic niche, and for that particular client’s industry, you immediately stand out from the crowd.

You get to charge what you’re worth

When you are one of a bunch of generalists on Guru.com, or Fiverr.com, you end up competing with each other on price instead of value.

The best way to charge what your worth is being the only person around that can provide high quality work in a very narrow niche.

Maybe your prospects search for “aviation copywriter” how many names pop up versus “copywriter”?

Probably only a handful. And that brings me to the final idea.

Clients come looking for you

If a client types in “copywriter for the aviation industry” and only a handful of copywriters pop up, you have a much better chance of being picked than the tens of thousands of general copywriters trying to get picked.

There’s a bonus reason…

BONUS: you have an easier time at work

Think about being a generalist for a second. What if you somehow got picked for a project in an industry that you know almost nothing about?

What if instead, you picked a niche that you really liked and you had knowledge in that field.

How much easier would your life be?

You would have an easier time doing the research because you already understand that industry…

You would know how their customers talk… the words that they use… the pain points that they share…

You would know where to find clients because you know where they go to hang out…

There are a LOT of good reasons to pick a niche as a copywriter.

There are a LOT of bad reasons to be a generalist…

Pick a niche to make it easier on yourself to get work, do a great job, and have clients come to you!

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