Should you use VPS or Shared Hosted Solution?

“Should I do a VPS or Shared hosting?”

You probably already have an application to show the world. You’re ready to get it online! Congrats! But, now you have a new problem.

Should I use a VPS or should I get a Shared Hosting solution? Do you know the difference? Are you prepared to pay a lot of money to choose the WRONG solution? Or, even if you’re okay with the price of the solution, are you willing to go through the headache of trying to get a VPS setup all by yourself?

I’m about to empower you to just pick a solution and use it, NOW!

You don’t need to be confused about the difference between VPS and Shared Hosting solutions. What if I could narrow it down for you to 3 solutions that will be really easy to use and you could just get your app up and running in an hour or two instead of days or weeks?

I’m going to make this decision easy for you

If you just want to your application online, you don’t need a VPS to do it. A VPS is a Virtual Private Server. What that means is YOU have to maintain your server yourself. You have to download, install, run and make sure that everything is working all by yourself. Does that sound like fun to you when you just want your application to be online?

Instead pick a Shared Hosting solution. There are 3 solutions you can pick from. If you are testing your app, you can pick a free version of Heroku or PythonAnywhere. If you going straight to production you can use the paid version of Heroku or WebFaction.

I personally think you should start with WebFaction. It’s cool, it’s easy. It works.

In either case, here’s a post on these three and ideas on the prices of each. Check it out.

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Are you ready to get your Application online? I’m here to help!