Should Beginner Copywriters Niche Down?

Beginners don’t need to find a niche right now. They should be searching for a place where their strengths can shine through.

Beginners should instead be searching for clients that they can help.

Is worrying about what niche you want to be a part of overwhelming you?

Maybe it’s not the right one? Maybe you’d rather be doing something else once you pick a niche?

Guess what…

You don’t need to find your special niche right now. You need to be serving people and building your experience and portfolio.

Eventually, you might want to pick a niche because picking a niche can make your life easier as a copywriter. But, worrying about it right now is not going to get you where you need to be.

The truth is, picking a niche is hard work. It’s a painful process because like so many people, you probably have a million things you want to do.

I have a ridiculous number of things I want to do.

I want to write for breweries, wineries, restaurants, non-profits…

But, right now, you should be trying out all those things you are interested in (and the things you’re not interested in.)

As one of my mentors said,

“You don’t need to find your niche. You need to let your niche find you.”

So, stop worrying right now. Get some experience. And when you’re ready to stand out from the crowd of copywriters, you’ll be ready.

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