Copywriting vs Content-writing

Imagine that you’re the owner of a company selling health supplements. And you get traffic to your site or blog because people are searching on Google for ways to prevent early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease. You probably don’t want that blog post to just sit there just to provide information for people on your site.

You really want them to stay on your site and get interested in what you have to say about how your supplements can help them (or not help them) with early-onset Alzheimer’s.

And so, if you’re thinking that content writing is a separate skill than copywriting, I think you’re looking at content writing all wrong.

I have my own blog, and even though I don’t sell anything on it right now, I still am trying to build a mailing list of people who “know, like and trust” me with their questions about copywriting.

If I didn’t and gave them the opportunity to leave my site as soon as this blog post was over, I wouldn’t be able to sell anything to anybody.

If you know your audience, and you know what they desire and you can adequately answer the questions that they have in their heads, you can keep them on your site and eventually they will trust you enough that they might just buy your product.

Content = Copy

Lot’s of people think copy writing and content writing are separate skills. I’m here to tell you that that’s not true.

You might assume content writing is just organizing research. It’s actually a different form of persuasion.

Every blog post, email, or video also uses the 4 P’s of persuasive writing.

These 4 P’s are: Promise, Picture, Proof, Push.

Every blog post and email and video should be created to move the reader one step closer to a buying decision and therefore, you need to create content that “presells” you (I trust that you can solve my problems) and your products (I think your product can solve my problems).

A well-rounded copywriter would write the sales copy and create the content pieces needed to get a prospect excited to click the link to the sales copy by preselling the product before they even read about it…

And so the goal really is to always have a Push to get the reader to become a prospect. And eventually Push the prospect to become a customer.

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