AWAI Method Course Review

The AWAI Method Course is by far one of the best courses on copywriting I’ve ever taken.

The secrets that you learn in AWAI’s Method Course are things I’ve never heard about before.

When writing copy, it’s important to learn about employing the 4 P’s.

  • Promise
  • Picture
  • Proof
  • Push

And the course will take you through each one and show you examples of how powerful they can be.

The 4 P’s can be used for anything from emails, landing pages, ad copy, sales pages…

Then, if that wasn’t enough, you can learn about how to make headlines and subject lines that make your readers want to keep reading or open up emails.

The best part is you get to use everything that you learned to create a final project.

For the final project, you have to create the following:

  1. Google Ad
  2. Blog Post
  3. Landing Page
  4. Email
  5. Sales Page

And you even get actual humans to grade and give you feedback. And that feedback alone can make you confident enough to offer your servies to people on LinkedIn.

If that wasn’t enough, you also get access to a 21 Day Challenge to find clients that you can write copy for on LinkedIn.

If you don’t feel like writing long copy sales letters but want to learn how to write copy for emails, blog posts, landing pages and ads, this course is definitely exciting.

And if you want to be taken by the hand and shown how to search for your niche that your suited to serve, and find potential clients on LinkedIn that is one of the bonuses when you register for this course.

The best part is, you can keep coming back to this course whenever you need a refresher. So, when you land a client on LinkedIn, you can go back to the course, look at the 4 P’s of Effective Copy or the 4 U’s of Effective Headlines and you can be ready to excite your future client with what you know.

I’ll tell you, when I was working my way through all of the exercises and the final project and getting approval from actual humans critiquing my copy, I knew I was getting better at this stuff…

If you’re looking for a side income that you can easily do at your home, The AWAI Method Course is insane!

And if you’re interested at all, read the sales copy for it by clicking the link below. That is beautiful copy that you could learn by taking the course and start getting people to pay you once you know some of the secrets to good, effective copywriting.

Click here to learn more about The AWAI Method Course

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